Jason O. Jensen

Developer at Paperpile and social scientist.

Currently researching the effect of demographic changes on welfare states, exploring machine learning, and building the best reference manager there is.

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Comment on The Power of Inaction by Cornelia Woll

A Tale of Two Federalisms: Social Policy in Canada and the European Union

The Decomposition of the Danish Imperial Monarchy

Why Denmark did not become Switzerland

Community Contributions


An tool which makes it super-easy to call Canadian Members of Parliament (MPs). The tool takes your phone number and postal code, then calls you up and connects the call to your MP. It has been used in campaigns by Fair Vote Canada, but can be used by anyone.


This is a free webapp which helps users maintain a clean list of recommendations - books, movies, ideas, etc. - as well as keep track of the sources of the recommendations. I used to maintian various notebook files with such recommendations, but it was a bit of a mess, so I made this tool to clean it up. The list can be sorted, filtered, and exported.

Country Codes

Combining cross-national datasets requires that each country is identified by the same code in the two datasets. These scripts, available for stata and R, assigns a country code to rows in a data set based on many varied spellings of a country's name.

Corruption Perception Index Time-Series

Transparency International's data is surprisingly inaccessible; results are released in different formats on different web pages. This R script gathers and cleans the CPI from each year of published data from 1998 to 2013 and creates a single time-series.